Julia-Rosa Reis
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Hi, I’m Julia-Rosa and I focus on what you love.


I believe that every brand deserves their own story to be told.

Last year I traveled to 7 different Countries and 32 different Cities to get the best international shootings done for my clients.


Letting my live my passion

Selected Brands
I worked for

I couldn’t be more honored to have shot some of the most interesting and innovative brands from Germany, Europe and all over the world. Below are just some of the small businesses, start-ups and big brands that I had the honor to work for. See the full list here.




Where to find me


I work remotely from all over the world - following the request of my clients to get the most beautiful sceneries for their productions. I’m from Germany. My home base is this planet! Contact me:

Julia-Rosa Reis

Freelance Photographer 

WhatsApp: +49 151 1450 3891 - Mail: hello@juliarosareis.com

We are all sitting on a big water ball - circling a gigantic fireball... Down here everything is possible!
— Julia-Rosa Reis