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Last year, I served 24 Brands with unique images in the field of Lifestyle, Fashion and People photography. What made me work so hard was the believe that there is always a good story to be told. Every brand deserves their own story to be heard. My name is Julia-Rosa and I’m producing adventures.

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Clients that became Family 

Selected Brands
I worked with

I couldn’t be more honored to have shot some of the most interesting and innovative brands from Germany, Europe and all over the world. Below are just some of the small businesses, start-ups and big brands that I had the honor to work for. See the full list here.



Oh boy, do I love myself some good video games! Or Gameboy games so to speak: I was honored to shoot the DS3 game New Style Boutique 2 together with an incredible set of crew & models. Two days of pure bliss reshooting the clients favorite scenes of the game on real life human beings - the cherry on top was that I got to shot the DS3 pack-shot too! Thank you for that amazing experience Nintendo! 


I am a true addict! Like millions of people on this planet I love to worship the coffee plant and it's delicious make-me-feel-wide-awake-while-i'd-rather-be-sleeping-juice: COFFEE. That said, Hermetic is the most recent roast of the well known Less Political Coffee House & Roastery in Hamburg. It was fun, and there was a lot of steaming hot morning Joe. #coffeelover Thank you for keeping me awake Hermetic! 

German hamptons

Did you know that Germany has (several!) cute islands at it's coast? Well some people don't even know that we got a cost - yes - but we do, and those islands are an all year around summer like winter hit for weekend getaways from the city. The most popular island is for sure the island of Sylt - with it's long beaches, dunes and the Champagne sipping crowd that loves to watch the waves crash in style. The label German Hamptons pitches right into that lifestyle - and I got to shoot their first ever Campaign as well as their first Look Book - setting a way for sucess for this marveless brand of Hampton lovers! 



Ok, I guess we all know what Deliveroo is about! I was lucky enough to be part of this food porn celebrating universe and shoot some of the most mouth watering images I ever took. To work for Deliveroo really got my juices flowing - as I also was able to snitch & snack some of the delicious goodies after shooting. Come to mama all those pizzas, burgers and poké bowls - no food is to be wasted. Long story short: thank you for putting food on my table Deliveroo - any time again. #foodporn




Where to find me


I work remotely from all over the world - following the request of my clients to get the most beautiful sceneries for their productions. My home base is Hamburg in Germany - Contact me:

Julia-Rosa Reis

Freelance Photographer 

Mobile: +49 151 1450 3891 - Mail: hello@juliarosareis.com

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