Travel Itinerary 


Because I wanted to create something that would go deeper, and have a greater impact than simply shooting in the studio, I decided to take brands on a journey, or better an adventure with me. Like this I can connect the real world with the products, and inspire and entertain the specific target groups. Here are some selected shootings is did - Enjoy!


St. Tropez

August 2017

"Of course it's funny - it's St. Tropez"

I traveled to the South of France for the second time this year - To Party at the amazing Nikki Beach and to wander around the forests near the coast. St. Tropez and the Côte d'Azur are truly plastic fantastic - a neon wild dream. As I didn't want to get my camera showered with Champagner I took some pictures in St. Paul de Vence instead. Boo-hoo, I bet you really would have loved those bikini girls there. Well, now you get to enjoy a cultural classic: The beauty of La Provence.




July 2017

Smooth light of Son Rullan 

I was maid of honor at my friend Samiras Mallorca wedding - there was almost no time between cooking for the crew and decorating all of what was already so perfect by nature. Luckily I still got a chance to shoot the birthday girl of the day: Samira's sister Sina.

South Afrika

april 2017

My Macht - The future is female

To finish my season in Cape Town this year I was honored to produce the new collection look book of the jewelry brand My Macht above the clouds and on top of the mighty mountains. It was a truly empowering mission and I send all my love to the crew and clients. Thank you for this experience - Truly unique!




June 2017

Enjoy Estoi!

After a shit breakup most people just want to get away - same with me, so I took a crew of Model AnnaMa + Art Director and crazy person Andy Kassier with me to Estoi (near Faro) in Portugal. What happened was three days of pure freedom and creative magic. Results? A wicked bikini story and lots of memories for ever!


South Afrika

April 2017

"See it with your pink shades on"

After having a South African boyfriend for about 18 month it's clear that I somehow also fell for the beauty of his home country. Love potion all the way - this series portraits the nature along the coast from Cape Town to Hermanus. I can't wait to be back this (European) winter! Get your thongs out - beach vibes and long rides. #VibeTribe



September 2015

You decide what's real - 1000 dreams in the third world city.

I used to work with a lot of refugees in 2015 - that was the time when Germany was welcoming people in need with open arms. I enjoyed that work, but after a long summer of helping others I understood that you can't pour from an empty glass - so I hoped on a plane to check out the mystery land of Morocco. Reality hits hard and naive dreams get crushed quick when you learn to look closer behind what the tourism department tries to overplay: See for yourself - Aladdin's third world dreams


Tel Aviv

September 2014

The coke costs the same! 

Is there a town that flashed me as hard as Tel Aviv? Nope. And I didn't even go party! The city of Tel Aviv is located right by the beach and rich in culture als well as bursting of good food and friendly people. Not to be biased: What goes on just on the outskirts of this town and grossing over to Jerusalem leaves us all startled, but Tel Aviv is the most charming spot on this planet. Please travel there if you find time - if you don't - make time!


Venice Beach

June 2013

She was a Skater Babe - See you later Babe!

I studied at the University of California in Irvine in 2013 - Screenwriting and Law & Society, as well as Martial Arts (Yes, Jackie Chan fighting stuff). On the weekends I took the bike to the train station and the train to downtown LA. The city of angels treated me well. - Check out how my interest in street style and free spirits was slowly becoming a part of me.



June 2017

Bikini Shooting

View now in the second part of Portugal that bikini story I was talking about - It's quirky, it's funny - it's Anna Ma  doing the boogie! 



November 2014

Sticky rice with the monkeys.

Traveling is a great way to get away from trouble and to fill a void with memories - or just to overwrite some shit that you have been trough: Time was ripe to get on a plane and fare fare away again. I went to visit my high school friend Daniel in Kuala Lumpur and then on a little plane to the island of Langkawi for some soul searching.


New Zealand

February 2015

Ocean mist and emerald waves.

In order to set my mind straight I walked along the shore of Auckland during some rain. I ended up at Muriwai Bay where I got the chance to climb down to the hard rock coast of New Zealand. It was a truly pure experience and I really fell in love with the clashing waves, their sound and the salty air.


South Afrika

APRIL 2016

Feel the burn! This one is all for the community of soul searchers.

Well I thought I had been to festivals. After one week in the desert at Afrika Burn I can tell you that I now surely have! We traveled with a group of soon to be not friends anymore - It was wild. That aside: I watched the stars, tripped on acid (or did I?) and enjoyed the blasting music and sun fare fare away from all  responsibility. If you ever get the chance: Go see it for yourself, or better - go feel it for yourself. I will be there next year for sure. 



June 2017

Orange Works Best

This is a little bit crazy and a lot of orange - Enjoy my mad dreams of giant red balloons, white wigs and that girl that looks like a cosmic receptionist! 




JUNE 2013

Do you wanna go to Mel's - Mel's diner? Hollywood & Disneyland

I studied at the University of California in Irvine in 2013 - Screenwriting and Law & Society, as well as Martial Arts (Yes, Jackie Chan fighting stuff). On the weekends I took the bike to the train station and the train to downtown LA. The city of angels treated me well. - Check out what I captured in Hollywood & Disneyland in Anaheim!



December 2016

Australian Skin under the Indonesian Sun 

I always assumed that Bali would be the place where I would spend my honeymoon - And for that reason I dragged my last bf there - to check it all out. The beaches, the coastline, the good food, the spiritual healing centers - everything! Well, and then I learned: Not all countries see Bali as the absolute dream-once-in-a-lifetime, cozy, secret and sacred getaway. Australia is just a two hour flight away. You know Coachella right? So just think of all those chicks with flower crowns, but forget the bands and put plastic cups there instead. Welcome to spring break auf Aussiland - Bali. I had a reverse culture shock after we landed. It was a little bit of a tourist nightmare - but I want to go back, because in the end you just need to move on and find the right people to hang with. Just like I managed on the last day of the trip: The pictures you see here are taken by me just two hours before my flight. #makethemostofit #nexttime



August 2017

Tropicana Palmtrees 

I was in France lately and there are fantastic palm trees. I like nature in general, but those trees really got me into full holiday mode. So I took some pictures of them to capture those vibes for later when I am at home. The pictures are also available as prints, sold via Minutaé - a freshly launched swedish gallery for fine art prints, so if you like - you also can take home that magical french holiday vibe. #tropicana




Since 2016

Time Keeping

POP-Pilot is a Hamburg based fine jeweler that produces time keeping pieces. Since early 2016 I am honored to count Pop-Pilot to my most frequent clients in the field of still photography. The watches specialize in travel, and therefore I am happy to be the perfect match for providing them with images from all around the world to suit their  needs. Cheers to Alex & the whole POP-Pilot Team, I am very happy to have you as my clients! 


Bildschirmfoto 2017-09-04 um 12.53.26.png


February 2017

Cashmere Collection

"Design and Zeitgeist are kept in Tech Accessories, Foulards and Vanity Bags, followed by the first Iphoria Cashmere Clothing Line that launched in 2015.At the same time the first Iphoria Store will open in Tokyo/Japan.

Iphoria stands for euphoria in the digital age, for that certain je ne sais quoi that transforms the ordinary into a fashion statement.
Iphoria girls don’t compromise – we want it all! Our products are functional yet fashionable, designed with passion and produced with care." - Iphoria