Location Board for Iris von Arnim 

Please find below a selection of Locations, available for shootings with RTFB in Cape Town 2018


Stellenbosch & Franschhoek

These towns are know around the globe for their excellent wines. With wines come Wine Yards - we are delighted to offer you a broad range of Wineries, Farms and Chic Dutch Style Houses as well as fantastic gardens and flourishing nature.


The Western Cape & Coastline of South Afrika

Connecting Cape Town with the picturesque nature, the Coastal Drives up to Chapmans Peak are breathtaking. Beautiful white sand beaches, as wenn as dunes, blue sky and the crystal clear Atlantic will take your breath away.


BoKaap Cape Town

Well known for it's colorful houses, this part of Cape Town represents the popping and trendy lifestyle of the city. Pastel Colors as well as Strong & Fresh Colors can be found here, a fun and good vibes only place. 


Atlantic Dunes

Snow or Sand? A 30 Minute ride outside of Cape Town reveales this spectacle in the sand. The Atlantic Dunes are one of a kind, making it possible to dream yourself away to wintertime - or just play in the endless dunes under the sun.


Pools & Sun Bathing

When it's time to refresh there are a wide range of pools, sun roofs and sun bathing areas available - In Cape Town & in the surrounding areas like the Winelands.


Urban Culinary Adventures

Cape Town is known for Fashion & Lifestyle locations, offering a wide spectrum in fashionable Cafés, Restaurants and Lounges


Please Note: All Locations are available upon request. For detailed information on any region please do not hesitate to contact us: hello@karma-konfetti.com

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